Essential Female Panel

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A blood test looks at indicators, called biomarkers, in the following areas that are important to your health.  It is similar to a dashboard on the car, except it is your body and your health.  The broad categories of importance are below.  These indicators will allow you to better determine how you can manage your health and lifestyle to improve these biomarkers. 

Heart Health; Lipid panels for cholesterol etc., Metabolism; blood sugars etc, Kidney Function, Liver Function, Complete Blood Count (CBC) for energy, immune system, heart health,  and Hormones.  The tests in these six areas are vital to maintaining good health and performance.  Our three tests have different levels of depth in the analysis. 


34 biomarkers analyzed

Basic Female:

Goes into a deep evaluation of bio-markers for heart, kidneys, liver, blood, inflammatory markers and hormonal levels that are of importance for women.